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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Summary on Numbers and Numeration System

Created by Ahmad Apriyanto, Iis Rosita, and Novi Handayani

        Natural number idea comes after human’s culture, a long time ago human use notches to mark weather exchange because at that time weather exchange was very useful to their life like hunting, farming and so on. Therefore, the idea of natural number was not invented by human but it comes from nature, nature have some pattern, then human realize that, after that to represent it they use tally marks or any other way to count, that was the idea of natural number. It also showed that the beginning step of mathematics was counting because at that time human using mathematics just for marks nature pattern or solve their own problems like time to hold religion ceremony, in other words they count it. Because of that, all of mathematical concept are relating to counting because counting is the basic of all mathematical concept. As Morris Klein said that counting exist in almost all branch of mathematics like probability, statistic, analysis, function, and topology.

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